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Terms and conditions


  • To be a member of the British Security Association ( BSA ) you must agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions and accept that these may at times change as appropriate
    Only here you are always welcome, together with you have no even!
  • By applying to join the association you are confirming that you have read and agree to the BSA’s terms and conditions
  • The owners of the BSA can interpret a members conduct as they see fit and advise as appropriate, any advice that we may give will be done in the belief that it is correct, we will not be held responsible for any actions following on from this advice
  • When using the message board / forum bad language must not be used nor will it be tolerated, all discussion will be monitored as appropriate
  • No member is allowed to copy any thread and pass this to a third party, any member found doing so will be breaching the copyright of this website and will be removed from the website and association
  • All discussion is for members only and expresses members own thoughts, they do not reflect the views of the website or association
  • The BSA can refuse access to the association / website and remove a person if believed to be in the best interests of the membership 
  • The BSA cannot be held responsible for companies or individuals who advertise on the website if they do not deliver as expected any equipment or sales to any member
  •  A paid membership is for 12 months, this is not refundable